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“In general, a hard outer shell of a crab will conceal an interior that tends to be soft and vulnerable to injury.”

The small picture of Cancer Horoscope (June 22nd and July 23rd)

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With the symbol of a Crab, people who belong to Cancer have some characteristics that are similar to their symbols. In general, a hard outer shell of a crab will conceal an interior that tends to be soft and vulnerable to injury. Like a crab, a Cancerian often presents a cold and hard appearance that causes difficulty for other people to make friends with them. In fact, he is friendly and sensible. It is believed that a sea crab is completely attached to its home; thus, it is not difficult to understand why most Cancerians often come back to their homes after finishing their work in the companies, rather than spending their free time in taking part in some parties.

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According to lots of the prominent and talented astrologers, Cancerians are not only some loyal and devoted friends, but also some devoted parents and lovers. They are considered as people whom we can rely on in any circumstance. However, they can be badly hurt when being cheated by other people. In these situations, they tend to give up these people, rather than attempting to avenge themselves on those who make them wounded.

Cancer Love Horoscope Compatibility

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To be described as one of the greatest signs in the total of 12 Zodiac signs, Cancerians will find it simple to win the hearts of any member of the opposite sex. In a relationship, they are very faithful, reliable and devoted.

– The most perfect compatibility with Cancer is: Pisces, Scorpio

– The greatest compatibility with Cancer is: Taurus, Virgo

– The most imperfect compatibility with Cancer is: Libra, Aries

– The most helpful sign for Cancer in finance is: Leo

– The most helpful sign for Cancer in career is: Aries

– The most helpful sign for Cancer in emotional support is: Libra

– The best sign for Cancer in marriage is: Capricorn

– The most helpful sign for Cancer in some creative projects is: Scorpio

– The most helpful signs for Cancer in spiritual matters are: Gemini, Pisces

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